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Joe Prencipe is an international corporate and finance lawyer and technology business executive. He started his career at top international law firms, and then moved on to found and sell two technology businesses. He has represented several dozen high-profile tech startups as legal counsel.

In 2010, Joe invented modern wearable electronics alongside his co-founders John McLear and Chris Leach. This was before the word ‘wearables’ was even coined. They called the company NFC Ring, which they later renamed to McLear. 


McLear holds the broad series of patents covering all smart rings in the United States, which lists Joe as the sole inventor. Together Joe and his co-founders launched the first advanced wearables devices in the world: the first payment wearable, the first commercial access control wearable, and many other devices. They sold this business to MTG Co., Ltd., a publicly listed Japanese company.

Joe also worked on the Elon Musk and Richard Branson related startup called Virgin Hyperloop One. Elon Musk described this company as a “cross between a railgun, an air-hockey table, and a Concord [plane].” The company is based in Los Angeles and their test-site is located in the North Las Vegas desert.

Another business which Joe built and sold is now called GoPuff Kitchens. GoPuff is a major e-commerce app in the United States valued at over $15bn. GoPuff purchased the business that Joe built with his co-workers (Sizzle), which GoPuff then renamed it to GoPuff Kitchens. 

Joe grew up in and around Seattle, WA with a love for consumer technology. He has worked in Tokyo, London, Los Angeles, and Mexico for over ten years, and has a penchant for international culture. As part of that, he is fluent in Japanese and studies ancient Chinese.

Today, Joe works on startup businesses alongside his legal advisory practice. Feel free to reach out to him if you’re working on a cool technology project and want to chat.


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